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April 11, 2021: Seen, Heard, Known

From Joan Kessler


As one who has not owned a television for some time, I have come to rely on radio broadcasts to keep me up to date on current events around the world. There is something about sitting down to the table at suppertime and listening to CBC Radio’s World Report. I rely on my hearing to evoke images in my mind’s eye as to what scene is being reported on from around the globe. It has become for me an embodied experience each evening. It has also shown me that some means of communicating, such as radio, have not gone out of fashion.


Tofino is a district located on the west coast of Vancouver Island and is the official western terminus for the TransCanada Highway. With a population of approximately 1,900 people, it is an area famous for surfing and natural wonders. In June of last year, a local couple poured their life’s savings into the purchase of Tuff City Radio, a community radio station that broadcasts to Tofino, Ucluelet, and six surrounding First Nations communities. But with the pandemic came an economic downturn, tourists stayed home, and the small community came to rely on their local radio station for information and connection. Local leader and BC’s Minister of Municipal Affairs, Josie Osborne, sees community radio as an opportunity for residents to participate. There is also an authenticity to radio that is hard to replicate. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, websites and emails are means of disseminating information in a digital age, but according to Osborne, “nothing gets into people’s homes the way radio does.”


Tuff City Radio used the lockdown as an opportunity to broadcast community events. Cancelled concerts found a new venue on the airwaves. As one program host noted, “All of a sudden, everyone was tuning in at certain time of the day. In a small community like this, the radio is something we can all share.”


Explore… Acts 4:32–35

  • In this second COVID season of Easter, how are we maintaining connection to our congregations and wider community?
  • What resources do we have to share to meet the needs of others and build community?



God of community, may compassion move us to share from our abundance rather than a sense of scarcity, that all may have enough. Amen.


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