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April 4, 2021: Easter Day

From Joan Kessler


Vaccination appointments are the hot topic of conversation of late in my socially distant, virtually online community of faith. One person told me about being in an auditorium where visitors were entertained with Mr. Bean movies and an upbeat atmosphere prevailed as folks waited their turn to receive the jab.


The vaccine rollout in Canada has been met with mixed reviews. Some are elated to have received the shot and to start resuming pre-COVID activities; others are indifferent. The rollout has been described as sluggish and some have wondered why we are so far behind our neighbors to the south, where U.S. President Joe Biden announced the achievement of his goal of delivering 100 million shots before his 100-day deadline. For some, the reality that the vaccines do not eliminate the presence of COVID and its variants feels anti-climatic. Normalcy and the ability to return to activities we previously enjoyed may still be months away. The end is not in sight for many. As one gentleman expressed following his vaccination, “It is not going to change anyone’s life right away… I can’t take off my mask right now and talk to you.”


If you are like me, you may be again planning online Holy Week and Easter services. People are getting anxious around returning to buildings and social gatherings – some can’t wait and others are in no hurry. In John 20, we read of Mary’s encounter with an empty tomb and a conversation with the resurrected Jesus. We can only imagine the mixed feelings she must have experienced: confusion, uncertainty, disbelief, joy, and elation. May our Holy Week and Easter preparations bring us a renewed sense of the mystery of this holy time. On this second Easter in the midst of a pandemic, we acknowledge we still live in a COVID world.


Exploring… John 20:1-18

  • What are people talking about this Holy Week? Are there mixed emotions surrounding this year’s Easter celebrations?
  • Where does the message of Easter greet us as we prepare to celebrate another Easter together, apart?



As we hold the tension of uncertainty, of the now and not yet, with the hope of putting COVID behind us, steady us, Easter God. Whatever feelings we are experiencing this Holy Week, may we meet the joy of Easter anew. Amen.


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