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January 3, 2021: Recognize, Re-engage, Respond

From Ray McGinnis


The Prom is a film based on a Broadway musical that adapted the true story in 2010 of Constance McMillen, who had plans to bring her girlfriend to a senior prom at their Fulton, Mississippi, high school. But the school banned her from attending the prom. When she successfully challenged the school board’s decision, the board decided to cancel the prom entirely. News coverage brought James Bass of boy band NSYNC, rock band Green Day, and other celebrities to champion McMillen’s cause. The celebrities worked with social media to create a Second-Chance prom that the female couple could attend.


In The Prom, four narcissistic Broadway stars struggling with their careers discover a senior prom in Edgewater, Indiana, has been cancelled because the PTA has objected to a lesbian student, Emma, wanting to attend with her girlfriend.


The actors decide to take a bus to Indiana to help with the cause and get some positive publicity. Meanwhile Emma is also being bullied at school because she is being blamed for the cancellation of the prom.


Emma appreciates but finally turns down several of the actors’ pitches to help her out. She decides to stream her story live, in part by singing a song detailing her coming out story. This soon results in over eight million views.


Emma’s girlfriend, Alyssa, lacks the courage to tell her mother about her relationship with Emma. But she finally tells her mother, and the two girlfriends dance together at the prom. Alyssa and her mother have some tense moments, but they too end up re-establishing a solid bond.


Explore…John 1:10–18

  • Why does it matter that God’s son shines forth with grace and truth?
  • Why did Jesus’ own people not accept him?
  • Why do people in the film The Prom not accept Emma?
  • What is it about Emma’s live-streamed story that touches viewers and causes it to go viral?
  • Are there people you can think of who are not accepted and who need those rejecting them to seek common ground?



God of love, as we become acquainted with the One who you have sent at Christmas, may you help us shift our approach to others we are not in right relationship with, so that we may find places of common ground, for the sake of the world you are bringing to birth. In Christ we pray. Amen.


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