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March 28, 2021: Palm/Passion Sunday

From Joan Kessler


Earlier this month, many watched as Oprah sat down with Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry for their tell-all interview. The couple announced last year their intentions to leave the royal family and to live life in the private sector in America. What was revealed to Oprah and to the world were the couple’s reasons behind the split. Shocking allegations of racism were waged against Meghan as a person of colour. A “senior member of the royal family” made the disparaging comment regarding the skin colour of Meghan and Harry’s unborn child (Archie). Meghan also shared the difficulties she experienced integrating into royal life and the toll it has taken on her mental health.


In the days and weeks that have followed, media outlets have weighed in and pondered what exactly was accomplished in this latest royal rumble. Since the person who made the racist comment about their child’s skin colour was never named, accountability is difficult. The royal family, aka The Firm, has been largely silent other than to issue a statement acknowledging they heard what was said and are saddened by the couple’s experiences. Prince William, when confronted by media with the allegation, responded, “We’re very much not a racist family.” In the interview, Prince Harry stated he would not be sharing the source of the racist comment, which leaves us with the distinct impression such a revelation would do irreparable damage to the House of Windsor. But Harry holds on to the hope that “time will heal” this broken relationship.


Status quo is any ideology that preserves a current state of affairs. The presence of the “other” gives us a new perspective on things we have been unwilling to see, on long-held beliefs we have been unwilling to change. Nobody likes an outsider who questions why things are as they are. As we prepare for Palm Sunday and Jesus’ humble entry into Jerusalem, let us confront and protest the status quo. May we use this Palm Sunday as a reminder of the structures that keep power in the hands of the few at the top, line pockets, and oppress those who scrape by and have learned to tolerate intolerance. May our path this Holy Week continue the dialogue, and the work of confronting our status quo.


Exploring…Mark 11:1–11

  • What status quo needs to be addressed and even dismantled?
  • How does remembering Jesus’ passion this coming week parallel the collision course our world is experiencing with respect to racism?



May we find courage, Holy One, to speak up when we witness racism and question and challenge the structures that enable it. Amen.


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