Links for Advent, Christmas, Epiphany 2018-19


The following are websites to explore and enhance your session resources for Advent, Christmas, Epiphany 2018-19


December 9, 2018

Ages 12-14, Ages 15-18
Young activists and prophets
Global Action Project
Young Heroes
Peruvian Hearts


Ethical Wills


January 6, 2019 – All Ages

      NASA Website


January 27, 2019

Ages 12-14 and Ages 15-18
Global Changemakers
About Global Changemakers
Everyone Has Hope - Video
The Chef Table
The Chef Table Website
Citizen Pathway
Carlos Cruz and "Cauce Ciudadano" Presentation
A Spring of Hope Website


February 24, 2019

Ages 9–11

Crystal’s Story
Justin’s Story

Ages 12–14

            Mandhur’s Story

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