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What are Seasons users saying?

We have had many people write to us and let us know how Seasons has worked in their faith community. Here are just a few of their comments:


Less Waste

Our congregation originally made the decision to go online because it was less expensive and we didn’t like the waste of the print version. Thank you for all your good work.

~ Sharon Harding
Anglican, Athabaska, Alberta, Canada


Access Anywhere

I absolutely love SeasonsOnline. The website is easy to navigate and I easily find what I need. It’s very convenient since I can access the material from wherever I am. We have a very large and busy congregation and so the flexibility is most helpful. If I have my choice, we will be using it again next year and I would certainly recommend it to others.

~ Michelle Smith
First United Methodist Church, Brownsville, Tennessee, USA


Leaders Love It

Leaders have given very positive feedback. They love the fact that they can work on it easily from home. The sessions content offers flexibility to meet the needs of a diversity of learners in any particular week. We appreciate that it is very ecologically friendly. Thank you for the excellent content.

~ Doug Heine
Grace Lutheran, Hinton, Alberta, Canada


Kids Love It

Seasons of the Spirit is the perfect addition to our children’s programming. The kids not only hear Bible stories geared toward their own developmental level, but they also have opportunities to explore the story and respond in creative ways. By using Seasons of the Spirit, our children also become familiar with the liturgical year, liturgical colours, the meaning of worship, the ways we worship (singing, praying, listening to the Word, artistic response, giving, and even eating at the Lord’s Table). Parents are delighted with the knowledge their children are gaining each Sunday morning and our lay leaders look forward to seeing what the curriculum has to offer each and every week. As a children’s minister, I have found the perfect educational resource in Seasons of the Spirit for the smallest of God’s spiritual beings.

~ Reverend Lea M. McCracken, USA


I Love It

I love this material! Blessings and continued success in sharing a fine tool for Christian nurture.

~ Karen Ziel
Minister of Discipleship Education, CCSG,
S. Glastonbury, CT, USA


Great for Worship

I believe Seasons is the best thing out there for my parish worship and education.
Keep up the good work!

~ Pastor Mark Thompson
Silver Creek UMC, Dowagiac, MI, USA


Lots of Material

I liked the fact there was always enough material, for we never know just how long we will have to teach. We never ran out of material, and then could send home what was not done.

 ~ Susanne Hudson
Calvary Evangelical Missionary, Owen Sound, ON, Canada



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