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3 Delivery Choices - Same Quality Content

All Advent/Christmas/Epiphany and Lent/Easter material ship in October and all Pentecost material ship in March.

get it on the web

best price

Seasons on the web is a delivery method of Seasons of the Spirit that allows you to view, download, and print what you need of your Seasons of the Spirit resources via the Internet.

Seasons on the web is available whenever you need it and wherever you are.

Your annual membership for Seasons on the web gives you a cost-effective method of obtaining a full year (November to November) of resources.

In addition to 52 weeks of online access, you’ll be shipped full colour art posters in two 6-monthly shipments. If your congregation or leaders are Internet-equipped, Seasons on the web is your best choice. It requires minimal shipping and is the most earth-friendly way to publish. Seasons on the web includes the same material as Seasons in print and Seasons on disk.

Access to your online material including art posters to view on screen is immediate!

Each online order provides logins for up to 3 teachers/leaders.

get it on disk

resources on disk

Seasons on disk is a delivery method that provides the Seasons of the Spirit resources as digital files on disks.

One year of resources is contained in two packages. Each package contains two seasons and includes art posters for those seasons. The first package contains the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany (November–February) and Lent, Easter (March–May) and the second package contains Pentecost 1 (June–August) and Pentecost 2 (September–November)*. The resources for Advent/Christmas/Epiphany and Lent/Easter will be sent out in October and for Pentecost 1/Pentecost 2 will be sent out in April. Seasons on disk resources requires minimal printing and shipping and is therefore a more earth-friendly way to publish.
(* each set of dates is approximate)

Order one Age-level resource on disk for each group of up to twelve participants. Copyright permission allows for the contents of each disk to be downloaded onto one computer and one backup computer, and for the individual class materials to be printed and distributed electronically to team leaders or substitute leaders.

get it in print

ready-to-use format

Seasons in print offers “ready-to-use” resources on paper.

One year of resources includes four “seasonal” printed packages:  Advent, Christmas, Epiphany (December–February); Lent, Easter (March–May); Pentecost 1 (June–August); and Pentecost 2 (September–November)*. The first shipment contains Advent/Christmas/Epiphany and Lent/Easter material and will be shipped in October. The resources for Pentecost 1/Pentecost 2 will be shipped in April. The art posters for each season are included in each seasonal package.
(* each set of dates is approximate)

Order one Age-level resource in print for each group of up to twelve participants. Session materials include reproducible resource sheets that can be copied as needed for group members.

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