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Seasons of the Spirit…
in tune with the changing church!

The church is changing. We can see it with our eyes and we often sense it deep within our spirits. While change is seldom easy, at Seasons of the Spirit we know that all change carries within it the seeds of opportunity and the possibility of new life.

In 2001, the Seasons of the Spirit development team made a two-fold commitment: to listen to feedback from congregations and to pay attention to emerging trends in congregational life. Since the this practice of listening and learning has helped Seasons of the Spirit respond to the needs of faith communities of all types.

As Seasons of the Spirit continues, our determination to respond to the needs of congregations by offering outstanding, quality resources is as strong as ever.

Download a Seasons information brochure (3-fold pamphlet) to take to your Curriculum decision meetings or for insertion in a bulletin:


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