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SeasonsENCORE Adult

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This popular resource helps adults explore their faith. Adults enter Bible study from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs. Sessions invite adults to deepen their spirituality and explore their faith through activities and articles that encourage a rich engagement with all four of the weekly lectionary readings. Art images, contemporary writings, and consideration of current issues offer meaningful ways to link faith and life.

Are you looking for some thoughtful and interactive engagement of mind and spirit? Use the SeasonsENCORE Adult resource for your next study group!



  • One Biblical Background page
  • One Prepare page
  • Two pages of Weekly Sessions
  • Two pages of reproducible Resource Sheets


  • Articles including About This Season, This Season for Adults, and About the Art
  • Six extra Resource pages
  • Two-page Evaluation Form
  • Six Posters

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  • Planning & Overview
  • Library & Action Zone, including the From Start to Finish Booklet, replacement resources for All Saints Day and Reformation Day, Virtual Resource Booklet with crafts, patterns, recipes, and more
  • Links
  • Lection Connection
  • BLOG
  • Revised Common Lectionary resources for the first four weeks of September

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