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Who publishes Seasons?

Wood Lake Publishing Inc.is a small publishing company of 3 employees and numerous contract people in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. In Australia and New Zealand, Seasons of the Spirit is printed and distributed by MediaCom Education Inc. You can contact us at [email protected] or call us on 1800 811 311 tollfree. Our website is www.mediacom.org.au.

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What Encore products do I need order?

All you need is one resource per class size of up to 12 children (or 15 people in the multiage pack) in their appropriate age level. Seasons provides all of the Leader planning material and the (reproducible) children’s pages for each week. No extra booklets or leader books required!

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Who do I order from?

You can order directly on www.seasonsonline.org.au whether you are ordering Seasons in Print, on Disk, or on the Web.

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When will my curriculum be shipped?

All Seasons resources in Print and on Disk for 29 Nov 2020 – 23 MAY 2021 (Advent/Christmas/Epiphany and Lent/Easter) are available and shipped by October 2020 for all customers who order before August 31. If you do not have your curriculum by the end of October, please contact MediaCom on 1800 811 311 or email [email protected] .

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Is there any difference between Seasons in Print, on Disk, or on the Web?

No, there is absolutely no content difference between any of the Seasons of the Spirit delivery formats. You will receive the same weekly resources whether you order in Print, on Disk or on the Web.

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I want to order more products. How do I do that?

You can buy any combination of delivery formats and additional resources online at www.seasonsonline.org.au, your one stop Seasons shop! Click on the order tab to browse suggested related resources.

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Where is the Year or Season at a Glance Charts?

These charts are available in the Planning-Overview section.

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Where are the Recognition and Leader Record/Attendance forms?

These forms can all be found in the Planning-Overview section.


Why can’t I re-use the Seasons resources that I paid for?


Since Wood Lake Publishing secures permission to use the Art, Music and various articles for the quarterly dates in which the products are intended to be used, we cannot provide permission to extend those dates or offer permission to re-use copyright license expired material.

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The Terms of Use say a maximum of 12 students per resource, but I have more than 12 students in my class, what should I do?

SeasonsENCORE products are designed, created and Copyright Licensed to be used in a class setting of 12 students and under (15 for Multiage). If you have more than 12 (15 for Multiage) students, we suggest splitting your class in two groups for a more integrated learning session, at which time you will need to purchase a second resource for your other Leader. Read more from the Terms of Use.


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Why are there only 3 Leader Spots for my Encore Age Level Resources?

The Licensing of all Seasons resources is based on the Copyright Permission we pay for and receive from various writers, musicians, and artists for each quarter of the year. Based on the maximum number of students per class, 12, we believe one Membership Coordinator (MC) and 3 Leaders is sufficient for a classroom learning setting. If your church rotates Leaders, the MC will just log on to set up Leaders and add or remove Leader emails as necessary.

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How do I get an online password?

If your church ordered only Seasons in print and/or on disk, you do not need to log in to view your extra resources. You can access Lection Connection/Spirit Sightings, Links, the Library & Action Zone, and the Planning-Overview sections without logging in! Simply navigate using the links at the top of the page.

If your church ordered on the web delivery format of Seasons, then the Membership Coordinator (MC) email address would have received an automatic confirmation email providing a password. The MC then logs onto www.seasonsonline.org.au and clicks on Set up Leaders (see below) to add the email addresses of the Leaders. They in turn receive a confirmation email with their own password to log in.

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Why do the Lectionary dates change every year?

The Seasons of the Spirit curriculum follows the semi-continuous stream of the Revised Common Lectionary which is a 3 year cycle, A, B, C.

In Western Christianity, Easter is always celebrated on the Sunday immediately following the ‘Paschal Full Moon’ date of the year (which bears no direct reference to the ‘actual’ full moon) determined by an Ecclesiastical Full Moon table established in 1583 AD, permanently establishing the dates that determine Easter. According to the Ecclesiastical tables, the Paschal Full Moon is the first Ecclesiastical Full Moon date after March 20, and Easter is the first Sunday following that date.

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Why doesn’t the music match the SEP to AUG resources?


In the Southern Hemisphere, Seasons of the Spirit music is created to follow the actual ‘Church Year’ that begins with Advent. Therefore, the current Volume offered will always cover the year from the beginning of Advent to the end of Pentecost 2.

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What does the ‘Church Year’ mean and what is the significance of the different colors for each season in the Church Year?

The Church Year recalls and celebrates the various events in the life of Christ which begins in Advent. Below is a basic overview of the seasons and their corresponding colors. To find out more, there are many sites on the internet where you can find detailed information about Christian Symbols, The Church Year, Colors of the Church Year and The Lectionary. Also see the article "The Symphony of the Church Year" by Donald Schmidt.

SEASON of ADVENT: Royal blue/bright blue, the color of the royalty to welcome the coming of a King, Jesus; the color of the sky/heavens from where heralds proclaimed Jesus’ birth.

CHRISTMAS DAY: Gold: the color which symbolizes what is precious and valuable, and so symbolizes the majesty, joy and celebration of Jesus’ birth.

DAY of EPHIPHANY: White (gold), the color which is used for all Holy Days and Festival Days of the Church Year, in this instance to celebrate with the magi, the presence of God-with-us.

BAPTISM of JESUS SUNDAY: White (gold), the color which is used for all Holy Days and Festival Days of the Church Year, in this instance to acknowledge the beginning of Jesus’ ministry in the Church through his Baptism by John.

SEASON after EPIPHANY: Green, the color of renewal and generally of living things in this instance used to symbolize the manifestation of Jesus as God, from the Baptism of Jesus Sunday, to the beginning of Lent.

TRANSFIGURATION SUNDAY: White (gold), the color which is used for all Holy Days and Festival Days of the Church Year, in this instance to celebrate the day in which Jesus rises to appear with Moses and Elijah on a mountain, before the witnesses of his disciples Peter and John.

ASH WEDNESDAY: Gray, the color of ashes, symbolizing the first day of Lent following Mardi Gras (`Fat Tuesday'); a day of fasting and repentance which occurs forty-six days (forty days not counting Sundays) before Easter.

SEASON OF LENT: Purple, the color which can symbolize pain, suffering and therefore mourning and penitence.

HOLY WEEK (Passion Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday): Red, the color of fire and so symbolizes the presence of God, in this instance the powerful events of the week leading up to Easter Sunday.

EASTER SUNDAY: White (gold), the color which is used for all Holy Days and Festival Days of the Church Year , in this instance, the high celebration day of the resurrection of Jesus the Christ.

SEASON of EASTER: Yellow (white) symbolizes light, renewal and hope, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus over 50 days.

PENTECOST SUNDAY: Red, the color of fire and so symbolizes the presence of God, in this instance, a commemoration and celebration of the receiving of the Holy Spirit by the early church. John the Baptist prophesied of the first Pentecost where Jesus would baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire.

TRINITY SUNDAY: White (gold), the color which is used for all Holy Days and Festival Days of the Church Year , in this instance is the first Sunday after Pentecost (50 days or eight weeks after Easter Sunday). Trinity Sunday celebrates the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, the three Persons of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit.

SEASON after PENTECOST: Green, the color of renewal and generally of living things—the color used during Ordinary Time preceding Advent.

ALL SAINTS DAY: White (gold), the color which is used for all Holy Days and Festival Days of the Church Year—in this instance, Nov 1st, a day to remember all Christians both past and present.

REIGN OF CHRIST SUNDAY: White (gold), the color which is used for all Holy Days and Festival Days of the Church Year—in this instance, to celebrate the last liturgical Sunday of the year.

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