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FUSION (2018-2019) 3-pack


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Dec 2/2018 - Nov 24/2019

SeasonsFUSION provides resources that support congregational life as we worship, live, learn, and grow as disciples.

These resources stretch some of our understandings of worship, learning and serving, and seek quite literally to fuse them together. The resources are designed for time together, as well as apart, that is holistic, for all ages, and invites us into creativity. They are also designed to be used along with your own ideas; SeasonsFUSION will work best when a planning team is able to look at the materials and choose and/or adapt those that will work best in your situation.



  • A Planning page
  • A Biblical Background page
  • A Reflection and Focus page
  • Three-page Worship Outline
  • A Poetry and Prose page, containing articles, poems, and stories
  • A Bible Story page
  • Stations pages
  • A Children's Actvity Leaflet


  • Articles – including About this Season, Connecting with the Art; Communion Prayers for the season; and articles that support the theme of the season(s)
  • Living the Seasons – connects congregation members to what is happening in church. Contains suggestions for how to use SeasonsFUSION within and beyond the group that gathers for worship, including individuals and families at home
  • Gatherings for All Ages – outlines for all-ages worship events that include a meal (appropriate for people with no church background, perfect for community outreach)
  • Special Worship Outlines – including a Christmas pageant, Christmas Day, Blue Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Thanksgiving
  • Two posters
  • One CD, which includes resources in Word format, poster images for projection, the Bible Stories in MP3 format, song lyrics for the quarter, and more

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  • Planning & Overview
  • Library & Action Zone, including the From Start to Finish Booklet, replacement resources for All Saints Day and Reformation Day, Virtual Resource Booklet with crafts, patterns, recipes, etc., and more
  • Links
  • Spirit Sightings

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