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Ages 12-14 (2018-2019)


In Print$300.00 On Disk$272.27 On the Web$188.18
Dec 2/2018 - Nov 24/2019

This SeasonsENCORE resource is uniquely designed to meet the needs of a leader with a group of up to 12 young people between the ages of 12 and 14. Young teens enjoy being more self-directed in their learning. Friendships are important to them and together they are beginning to explore a variety of viewpoints within their community and the world. The weekly resources provide opportunities to actively explore the Bible and encourage the development of communication skills. Varied activities meet the needs of different learning styles, and service projects will introduce ways to connect with the church and the community. Team teachers using SeasonsENCORE Ages 12-14 in Print may want to purchase Session Outlines Disks.

What you get WEEKLY

  • One Biblical Background page
  • One Prepare page
  • Two Session Outline pages
  • Two reproducible Resource Sheets

What you get QUARTERLY

  • One page About This Season
  • One page This Season for Ages 12-14
  • Six extra Resource pages
  • One page Connecting with the Art
  • Three pages of Articles
  • Two-page Evaluation Form
  • Two Posters

What you get FREE on the website

  • Certificates and forms
  • Charts showing the lectionary scriptures, dates, and themes
  • Interactive links in the Library & Action Zone
  • From Start to Finish Booklet
  • Replacement resources for All Saints’ Day and Reformation Day
  • Virtual Resource Booklet that contains crafts, patterns recipes, and more. Download the whole booklet or print just the pages you want.

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